Child & Teen Voiceover Talent

Child & Teen Voiceover Talent

Are you looking to cast a child or teen voiceover talent for your next voiceover project? Positive Voices Studio proudly represents talented and professional kids and teens with extensive performance experience. We'd love to talk to you about how they can lend their voice to elevate your brand or project. Our child and teen voiceover talent record right in our professional, broadcast-quality setup at Positive Voices Studio and also have capabilities to audition and record right from home. Contact us to learn more about our amazingly talented kids and teens.

Male Talent

Ben Souza Headshot

Ben Souza

      Listen to Ben
Ryan Morrill Headshot

Ryan Morrill

      Listen to Ryan
Dimitry Mysirlidis Headshot

Dimitri Mysirlidis

      Listen to Dimitri
Nick Quiroga Headshot

Nick Quiroga

      Listen to Nick
Justin Osso Headshot

Justin Osso

      Listen to Justin
Jack Schafler Headshot

Jack Schafler

      Listen to Jack

Female Talent

Ellie Schiappa Headshot

Ellie Schiappa

      Listen to Ellie
Lila Kieley Headshot

Lila Kieley

      Listen to Lila
Mia Carey Headshot

Mia Carey

      Listen to Mia
Sienna Giampaolo Headshot

Sienna Giampaolo

      Listen to Sienna
Maya Giampaolo

Maya Giampaolo

      Listen to Maya
Julia Kieley Headshot

Julia Kieley

      Listen to Julia
Murphy Riddle Headshot

Murphy Riddle

      Listen to Murphy
Kristina Bratz Headshot

Kristina Bratz

      Listen to Kristina
Gaby Quiroga Headshot

Gaby Quiroga

      Listen to Gaby

Addie Mitchell

      Listen to Addie
Lily Banks Headshot

Lily Banks

      Listen to Lily
Hannah Moccaie Headshot

Hannah Moccaie

      Listen to Hannah

Emily Campbell

      Listen to Emily

Kayla Tadduni

      Listen to Kayla

Tessa Coffin

      Listen to Tessa

What Our Clients Have to Say

"Ryan was great, super talented, and provided a bunch of takes to make sure I got exactly what I was looking for. I would absolutely work with him again!"

The Lost Sheep, Children's Animation

"Dimitri was super easy to work with, he is well rounded, and he graciously hopped on a zoom call with us to work collectively with other talents in a short amount of time. I highly recommend working with him!"

Irving Bible Church

"Ryan was great, super talented, and provided a bunch of takes to make sure I got exactly what I was looking for. Would absolutely work with him again."

William Maciejewski

"It was great working with Gaby and her manager, Gina. Very fast, effective, and flexible-- and Gaby had the perfect voice for our project!."

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