Positively Voiceover

Positively Voiceover is a subscription-based, educational voiceover community
An educational, active, supportive community for new and experienced voice actors alike!

Positively Voiceover

Positively Voiceover is a monthly, subscription-based voiceover coaching program for both new and experienced voice actors alike. Run by Gina Scarpa and Positive Voices Studio, Positively Voiceover gives voice actors access to weekly voiceover workouts, a monthly workshop featuring industry professionals, discounted 1-on-1 individual coaching sessions, and an exclusive Discord server to connect, interact, and form a strong sense of community.

The cost to join Positively Voiceover is $40 per month, payable via PayPal.

This May, Positively Voiceover brings social media creators Brett Boles (The M Tea - 290K on TikTok) and V Spehar (Under The Desk News - 2.9M on TikTok) for our workshop Becoming A Social Media Superstar! Join Gina, Mia, Brett, and V on Tuesday, May 23rd at 7pm EST as we dive into what it takes to be successful on social media.

Positively Voiceover members will have the opportunity to participate in weekly voiceover workouts across a wide variety of genres including commercial, animation, video games, corporate narration, explainers, eLearning, medical, political, audiobooks, and more. Members will not only submit their reads, but have the ability to listen to everyone else’s submissions as well in order to learn and grow as voice actors and foster creativity and ideas for future auditions and opportunities.

The goal of Positively Voiceover is to provide a community where voice actors are consistently engaged, learning, and pushing themselves forward. Gina prides herself on creating an environment that is supporting and encouraging of all voice actors. We welcome voice actors of all ages, backgrounds, experience, and ability and hope to see you in Positively Voiceover soon!

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