Positively Voiceover

Positively Voiceover is a monthly voiceover coaching group run by Gina Scarpa
An educational, active, supportive community for new and experienced voice actors alike!

Positively Voiceover

Positively Voiceover is a monthly, subscription-based voice over coaching program for both new and experienced voice actors alike. Run by Gina Scarpa and Positive Voices Studio, Positively Voiceover is an online community that gives voice actors access to:

  • Monthly workshops via Zoom featuring industry professionals including voice actors, agents, and casting directors
  • Monthly giveaways including workshops and coachings with industry professionals, voiceover apparel and merch, and other awesome stuff
  • Twice-a-month voiceover workouts where you'll read and receive feedback from Gina live on Zoom
  • Monthly marketing meetup via Zoom with Gina to discuss tips and strategies
  • Ask-A-Coach: Send Gina your voiceover questions or audio for feedback via Discord
  • Exclusive Discord community to discuss the voiceover world and beyond

The cost to join Positively Voiceover is $50 per month, payable via PayPal.

Members must be approved before joining by meeting with Gina for a free 15-minute consultation to discuss your unique voiceover career and goals and to ensure that it is a good fit.

This June, we welcome professional voiceover artist and voice director Brook Chalmers (Genshin Impact, Wizards, The Croods Family Tree) as our featured guest! In this members-only Zoom event, we will be discuss how to successfully build a career in the world of animation and gaming!

Positively Voiceover members will have the opportunity to participate in weekly voiceover workouts across a wide variety of genres including commercial, animation, video games, corporate narration, explainers, eLearning, medical, political, audiobooks, and more. Members will not only submit their reads, but have the ability to listen to everyone else’s submissions as well in order to learn and grow as voice actors and foster creativity and ideas for future auditions and opportunities.

The goal of Positively Voiceover is to provide a community where voice actors are consistently engaged, learning, and pushing themselves forward. Gina prides herself on creating an environment that is supporting and encouraging of all voice actors. We welcome voice actors of all ages, backgrounds, experience, and ability and hope to see you in Positively Voiceover soon!

Want to learn more about Voiceover Coaching or our Studio Services? Check out our many offerings or feel free to Contact Us to talk more about your unique voiceover journey and career!

Below is Positive Voices Studios cancellation policy for all divisions of the coaching program, Positively Voiceover.

Please note that all communication for Positively Voiceover will be in the official group Discord channel. It is the member’s responsibility to keep track of scheduled dates.

Cancellation Policy
Positively Voiceover members can cancel at any time through their PayPal account. It is the member’s responsibility to cancel their own payments.

We ask that you please alert us directly if you plan to cancel so that we are aware that you will be withdrawing your participation in the group’s activities.

Upon canceling payments, members will no longer have access to the Positively Voiceover group. This includes the Discord channel as well as programs and workshops created exclusively for Positively Voiceover members.

Members are welcome to join again at another time, provided they have approval from the Positive Voices Studios admin team.

Instructions for cancellation:

  • Log in to your PayPal account
  • Click the gear icon
  • Click Payments
  • Click Managed Pre-Approved Payments
  • Cancel the recurring payment

The Positive Voices Studio team appreciates your cooperation in keeping cancellations uniform and orderly. Please reach out to studio@positivevoicesct.com with any questions about this policy.

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