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      Ryan Morrill- PBS Cyber Chase
      Sienna Giampaolo - Anti Vaping PSA

"Gina has been a huge asset to our son as he navigates the world of voiceovers. She helped him set up his home studio, learn how to edit his recordings, and how to “act” using just his voice. He was able to successfully land a voiceover for a video game with her support!"

-Melissa S.

gina in studio

Meet Positive Voices

Welcome to Positive Voices Studio, a full-service recording, voiceover, and vocal performance studio located in Shelton, CT. Our professional, acoustically treated sound booth features state of the art equipment for an incredible sound. Whether you're looking for child, teen, or adult voiceover talent, we would love to collaborate with you on your next project!

Positive Voices also offers a variety of musical performance programs including concerts, musicals, and workshops to help build confidence and foster talent in kids and teens. We pride ourselves on a supportive, welcoming, and inclusive environment where every voice matters.

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