Voiceover Coaching & Workshops

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We offer a variety of voiceover workshops and coaching sessions in both group and individual settings.

Voiceover Coaching and Workshops

Gina has always offered a variety of class and lesson options in both group and individual settings at Positive Voices Studio. This year, she has expanded her offerings. They currently include classes and coachings in voice acting, audition techniques, and the business of voiceover. To learn more, keep reading!

Coaching with Gina

Beyond her full-time voiceover career, Gina Scarpa is also an award-winning director, teacher, and coach. She brings extensive experience and a positive personality to each talent she works with. From audition preparation to marketing to navigating P2P sites, Gina tailors her coaching sessions to each individual.

She is proud to have helped many voice actors increase their booking rates and improve their confidence. Gina provides voice over coaching services to child, teen, and adult voice actors of all experience levels, from beginner to pro.

Educational Voiceover For All Levels of Experience

Gina offers a number of coaching and enrichment opportunities for both beginner and professional voiceover artists. In addition to her tuition based programming, Gina also regularly offers free workshops in several areas. Here are some examples of the topics she most enjoys covering:

  • Commercial audition techniques
  • Animation audition techniques
  • Mastering the conversational read
  • Marketing for voiceover
  • Making the most of your voiceover website
  • Overcoming slumps in the industry
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Resilience in and out of the booth
  • Setting your voiceover goals
  • Taking your voiceover career full-time
  • And more! 

Positive Voices Studio’s offerings can be experienced in both group zoom settings or as one-on-one coachings. With a passion for both the artistry and business of voiceover, Gina enjoys sharing her knowledge with others. She loves working with voice actors of all levels. Her platform of helping others to get started or take their careers to the next level has kept her studio vibrant and thriving.

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